School Mental Health is one of TeenMentalHealth.Org’s Programs. That said, it is one of the core programs delivered nationally & internationally.

To identify this program uniquely in the marketplace, a sub-identity reflective of the core brand and the Program was created.

With the notion of education, an abstract motif of books were used as a take off from the core brand. This has now become the identity of this evidence based program nationally & internationally.

VIRTUAL Learning

As with all core identities, an eLearning platform for the brand was built to house the complimentary materials to the Curriculum Guide resource.

As a secondary source of information, educators and students alike now have a mechanism to receive interactive materials in a variety of modalities, not least of which are storytelling videos, assessments, course materials and evaluation frameworks.


As with all resources, a quick promotional card to highlight the key aspects of the School Mental Health Program was developed for the Curriculum Guide as well as the Go-To Teacher Training.

With illustrations indicating audience relevance, along with succinct information on the two and references to both the Programs as well as the Evidence are made available through this simple promotional entity.

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