Singing Off ..

Yup, that’s clickbait for you. You thought we were signing off, when really, we were singing off. Sorry, didn’t mean to get you curious about our future, but we did want to give a bit of a hat tip to some very important group of people before we sign off this year.

  1. To our clients, our partners, our friends : You entrusted us when you had alternatives. You worked with us, as hard as we worked with you. You built successes with us, just as we did with you. You have been friends, partners, colleagues and builders of a wide range of successes, impacting our communities in a variety of ways. Thank you!
  2. To our team, our work family, our creative thinkers : You have worked with us through thick and thin. You have pulled off miracles, where others have faltered. You have stood shoulder to shoulder and put a big spotlight on us globally by creating the unimaginable from our little home off of the Atlantic. Thank you!
  3. To our families and our friends : You have persevered as we have. You have celebrated us and strengthened us. You continue to be our lighthouse in a sea of waves. You are why we are where we are.

No matter how long the journey, we are eternally grateful to you all. Do have a safe and happy holidays wherever you are with whomever you are with.

As we sign off 2015, we look forward to the horizon as we look forward to 2016 and the opportunities it brings.

With respect, humility and gratitude,

Faten   and   Ashwin

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