The Leela group of Hotels, Palaces & Resorts came to us through The Kempinski Group for a number of services they were looking to receive both consulting and agency execution services over.

The first project included a digital streaming service across 8 properties with an average of 250 rooms per property including radio, television, satellite cable, as well as ERP & components of a CRM system. With an initial contract of 1 property, we extended the service across 8 properties as the project leads with Sony as the development arm of the technology for a US$4.5 Million project.

With the success for the reformed in-room experience, we were approached to review their external marketing, communications & engagement practices which led to changes in their web, social and mobile platforms integrating the user experience from the time they visit the website to their stay on-site. With an increase of an overall 66% of unique traffic to 71% of that being sourced from the international market to a notable increase of 48% in the domestic markets. and a conversion rate of over 38%, the current average occupancy across all 8 properties is a whopping 89% with three properties ranging from 90-100%.




A rebranding exercise was undertaken to reposition the entire chain, as one that promotes Palaces, Resorts & Hotels rather than simply hotels in-line with The Kempinski brand across all the properties, from the moment engagement began on social or digital media, broadcast media or on print to when guests entered one of the properties right up to and including the extension of that experience in the lobby to the ballrooms, to the washrooms and the restaurants as well as guest rooms, including the complimentary services such as the spas, clubs, pools, etc. reforming not just the signage, stationary, linens, clothing, beddings, packaging, etc. but also every interface interacted with by an individual, with the brand.

In conjunction with The Ministry of Tourism, a video was developed across the country and in conjunction with the brand to design, film, develop and broadcast shorts across internationally as well as within the various interaction points including the luxurious vehicles, common spaces, including the guest rooms right upto and including the in-mirror televisions in washrooms across all 8 properties.

Our extension of The Leela brand in line with that of The Kempinski, along with its positioning in the international market has driven bottom line business figures well past industry standards in the region.



Luxury is defined at the Leela Palaces & Resorts. Their value proposition of “Athithi Devo Bhava” meaning “Guest is God” is what has driven our work to represent this brand in a fashion this is both respective of their core value as well as what their customers expect of them.

In addition to the core values, we have also exemplified the brand that is The Leela Palaces & Resorts with the copywriting service we have provided, coupled with the visual elevation delivered purely by capturing these beautiful masterpieces across various parts of the Indian subcontinent.

From ensuring a responsive design & development framework to visually articulating the brand in its all glory, The Leela currently stands uniquely from its competition both nationally and internationally.



Social Network

When we were first approached by The Leela’s we were presented with a non-existent Facebook page to a Twitter account that was blocked and not available to the public.

Presenting a media plan that brought forward the unique culinary delights imported from the world over with celebrity chefs, as well as properties with its unique ornamentation has brought about a following that is both engaging in conversations and translating the same to stays within the various properties.

The media plan has included corporate announcements such as those for shareholders and investors, along with the most recent being the passing of their former internationally celebrated Chairperson and Founder, Capt. C. P. K. Nair, whose funeral was attended by Ministers and foreign dignitaries including the Dalai Lama.

The Leela is well on their way of acquiring an international following all their own that they are engaging with and increasingly attracting to their various spots of paradise. From palaces, to resorts and corporate hotels, The Leela now has an integrated strategy unheard of in their region or their industry truly reflective of their values, their brand and their core competitive advantage.