Event Management

We take a holistic approach to supporting all our clients. We were asked to take on the co-hosting as well as event managing the Intersections of Art, Mental Health & Recovery.

Distinguished guests that included our panelists such as, Dr. Kutcher to Starr Dobson the President & CEO of the Mental Health a Foundation to Dr. Pole the founder of Arts in Medicine to Dr. Lander a researcher in the intersections of arts & healthcare were just the tip of the iceberg of notables that attended the event.

Minister Glavine opened the event with commentary & closing from Anne McGuire, President & CEO of the IWK Health Centre as well as Dr. Hyndman, VP Medicine at the IWK as well Mr. Fares, Chair of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce.

With a full house, this event was a roaring success with feedback from the attendees to have similar open TED style events in the future.




Way finding

No stone is left unturned and no detail too small is ignored. Way finding including details of our panelists and distinguished guests were made available at key junctures of the journey of an attendee from the time the entered the building to when they took their seat.




We believe in capturing the special moments we want to live through again in the future and perhaps share with audiences that did not make the event.

From capturing the main event to Question Period, we took the process from the videography to the editing, the mixing and the design & development of the effects to give the event its own genasaqua.



The gallery, Communications

No art event can happen without an art gallery nearby. With works from the artist in residence at TeenMentalHealth.Org, using only the impact of the work to speak for itself, the gallery was a glorious success.

Communicating through acrylic to not compete with the gallery but to complement it became the core of the medium that was put together.

As noted previously, no detail is too small or irrelevant.