ESPN came to us looking to open new markets with a new concept program called Fighting Rings. They wanted to have mass appeal for the sport of Boxing across all their syndicated networks and to do so, Fighting Rings was brought to us as a concept.

After debating the various cultural norms of Boxing internationally, the one conclusion we led to was the purity of the sport. Boxing had moved from being the true raw and macho sport it was to something that was overly commercialized with sponsors and events in Las Vegas, etc. that had turned people away from the sport. To revitalize this image and bring it forward for mass appeal, the spot advertising Fighting Rings focussed purely on the raw nature of Boxing.

In competition with sports such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA),

along with various legal and illegal Fight Clubs, Boxing had taken

a back seat and viewership had dropped across networks by about 35%.

With the introduction of our spot, Fighting Rings premiered with a 30 point increase than expected across demographic and geographic profiles as required.

Our unique understanding of the international audience the program was to be syndicated to and presenting it as such with the right type of fighters, primarily younger, with a revert back to the original untarnished view of the sport, brought back audiences not just for the show but also for ESPN.