Breast Cancer Action had a virtual home that was not representative of its unique offering to the community. In addition it was over three years out of date and did not include some of the more recent technical advances one could hope for in a virtual home. Their previous web presence was hampering their capabilities and not supporting theirs or the communities needs.

As we took the development of their virtual home on, we first brought to bear a Content Management System (CMS) that would be easily usable and trainable for their content experts.

We then went on to add some key components in addition to their informational sources, some of which is listed below:

  • Main landing visuals with sliders for upcoming news, events, happenings on the home page.
  • Storytelling videos of Breast Cancer Action members that speak to their experiences, integrated with their YouTube channel.
  • Blogging capabilities integrated within the website to provide for ongoing sharing of knowledge with the community.
  • Event Management capabilities representing the various sessions, events & major engagements that are easily accessed, read & signed up for participation.
  • Shopping capabilities for literature as well as promotional items from Breast Cancer Action.
  • Integration of their fund development platform.
  • Easy contact forms feeding directly to corporate email addresses per requests.



Been there

One key aspect that is unique to Breast Cancer Action is the lived experience perspective brought to bear to those looking for support, care & information. This separates them from the other organizations that are primarily research based or are foundations raising monies for supporting secondary & tertiary organizations.

Getting straight to the point with their brand colours, this spot played with the notion of “Been there, Done that, Got the T-shirt” speaking directly to the unique lived experience proposition of the Breast Cancer Action membership.



No more numbers

We are so inundated with infographics these days and with statistics that speak to the 1 in 4 for Breast Cancer, as well those that are prevalent in various geographic, age and gender based, we wanted to put the focus back on the people.

A fundraising organization may certainly look to providing staggering numbers to represent the devastation felt by this disease to our community, but this organization wanted to primarily focus on the people and in more specific terms, the person.

It truly is about the people, NOT the numbers.



The Panther

We are artists, not just designers. We go the extra mile to make our clients stand out from the rest. Using hand drawn illustrations, this unique advert stands out from the traditional design based approaches employed by most. We used the Panther Support Group as an inspiration for this concept by bringing in Pink Panther and depicting what the intimate support groups look like.

Representing a wide demographic from various ethnicities, to males & females, to various age ranges and to people in various stages of their treatment, this one illustration drove home the reach Breast Cancer Action has and wants to grow in the community.



Blue Vs. pink

The colour pink has become synonymous with Breast Cancer through the marketing of the same globally. In addition, as children we also have gender based colour associations, which feed into our biases as we grow up.

As males & Breast Cancer would not necessarily relate, we chose to use the colour pink on the bias we have been so conditioned on in a mechanism that would balance the messaging while highlighting the cause. Targeting males is yet another unique position Breast Cancer Action has taken and is making a concerted effort to target and support this underserved demographic.



Thanks Card

Post the Pink Gala, Breast Cancer Action approached us to design & print appreciation cards to be sent globally for the support they had received.

We agreed to use this as a mechanism to further drive the messaging through the adverts on both sides of the card.

Over 250 cards made its way to homes, offices & individuals in appreciation of their support.