ARTe came to us as they contemplated joining the high definition standard for broadcast media with the advent of HD TV's for the viewership. As an arts network in Europe, catering primarily to the region, the notion of presenting the arts in high definition was both foreign and unknown. There was also a discussion of expanding the reach of the brand by identifying its source to a European market and showcasing its high definition capabilities, thereby reaching a younger demographic, rather than the stuffy one (as described by their brief), they had been thus far.

Two shorts were directed & filmed to attend to both these matters, the first of which introduced the notion of identifying the source & home of the network in France. Layering on top of what looks like a historical map, but with intricate detail to show the definition of the colours and the nuances of the textures brought to life arteHD for the old and the new.

The second short that was developed brought the notion of an art form to a younger audience by portraying a younger couple dancing a combination of dance numbers such as the Tango, the Samba & the Ballroom, all in a whiff to keep behind their smoky appearance. This notion of a younger art form with unparalleled detail brought to bear the arts for a younger audience in high definition. Both these shorts played in anticipation of the launch of arteHD, providing for a mechanism for audiences across Europe to sign up for the new channel for this network.