We take the development of an identity very seriously as it is a balance of the vision of those that live within it and those that they would like to attract to it. We have within the process, solicited thoughts and ideas via social media, as well as engaged in disseminating a survey we developed, far and wide. In addition, our team had spent quite a bit of time in Antigonish and have taken in the sights from the extreme east to the west, exploring the unique cultural nuances, sights, icons, as well as the natural beauty all around.

We used illustrative artistic design elements to highlight unique features that would present points of curiosity & intrigue increasing local, national & international traffic of visitors to the various spots.

A multitude of executions were explored for use and exposure across various points of interaction, some of which are presented here.

A comprehensive approach to the same is currently underway driving current numbers well beyond expected targets.



Concept 1: Ride On

n looking at the future of sustainability, buying local, the farm to table movement, to organic growth & ride on places, the road in the middle of natural vistas can be enjoyed by those even riding through the Municipality.

A marriage between recreation, economy, tourism, and sustainability. This presents a balance of openness and unrestricted access & views creating a sense of an open invitation to those that want to experience it in their own way. Recreation, coupled with the health conscious and sustainable minds brings to bear a new age view to the discerning traveler.



Concept 2: Natural Glory

Showcasing the region becomes a whole lot easier when the vistas are so vibrant and beautiful. This concept brings to bear not just the beauty of the natural landscape, but also presents some unique tourist hotspots such as the Cape George Lighthouse as well as Crystal Cliffs, along with the scenic beauty of how we experienced our exploration. In addition, the future and current success in sustainability are well balanced and displayed showing the coming together of the natural elements. The juxtaposition of the harshness of the road presents the path that we all take, creating a sense of familiarity tying into a relative position of the viewer. The impressionist movement led by greats such as Monet, Seurat & Van Gogh provided the inspiration needed for this artistic execution.



Concept 3: Youthful Fun

This is a showcase of both the natural and cultural attraction of the region. The artwork features St. Francis Xavier University, Highland Games, Crystal Cliffs and one of the many beautiful beaches throughout. The idea behind the design is to deliver a pleasant and joyful image to those passing by, enticing them to stop in and experience it first hand.

The artwork offers a more contemporary and vibrant feel, bringing the natural and cultural attractions to life. Inspired from the likes of Warhol & Lichtenstein, this concept brings to bear Pop Art in all its glory with black outlines, over-saturated colours, & overall a flat colour filling. The sticker-like title offers an unconventional feel to the artwork, presenting the text in a way that speaks louder than words.