Creative Nova Scotian leader inspires thousands at Savannah College of Art & Design

HALIFAX -- June 8th, 2015 -- WeUsThem Inc. Principal and Chief Creative Officer Faten Alshazly joined the ranks of highly regarded artists in Savannah, Georgia on May 30th to deliver an inspiring speech to thousands of Savannah College of Art and Design graduates.

“It’s important to serve as an ambassador for creativity to those who are about to set foot on their career paths,” says Faten. “To inspire others to pursue their dreams rather than continue dreaming gives you a wonderful feeling.”

Faten joined Walt Disney Animations Studio Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter on the stage. He is the director and executive producer of animated film classics like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Cars and Frozen.

“Be wrong as fast as you can,” says John in his advice to the 2015 class. “Your first pass will never be your final take, and you should never create in a vacuum.”

“I feel honoured and have been truly humbled,” says Faten. “To be on stage with one of my heroes to inspire, encourage and motivate a new generation of creatives… it’s surreal.”

SCAD graduates are renowned for their creative thinking and expertise, and have a global presence, including right here in Nova Scotia with Faten Alshazly.

“SCAD students are graduating to a new role in a global network of alumni, 40,000 strong,” says SCAD President Paula Wallace. “As an alumnus of SCAD, you’re backed by a vision and value system that you will continue to learn from and count on.”

Faten’s journey from student to leader has been short but enriching. As a SCAD graduate, her creative expertise and leadership has taken her beyond Nova Scotia, working with world-class clients and impacting the communities we live in, the world over. It is for this reason, the Women’s Executive Network (WXN), recently named her Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women, a first in Nova Scotia for Arts and Communications.

“We create world-class art that deserves to be recognized all over,” says Faten.

Faten is a Masters graduate of SCAD’s Motion Media Design (formerly Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics) program, bringing her talent back to Nova Scotia in the form of WeUsThem. Since starting the agency, she has been recognized worldwide for her work and has brought the agency to the limelight with a recent Webby Honouree for its websites, putting it at the top 20% of all web properties internationally.

Faten passed off one simple piece of advice to the 2015 class before she left the stage, which the WeUsThem team lives by each day. “Be humble,” Faten says. “Not shy.”

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