International award makes its way to east coast agency

Halifax – (Wednesday, October 21, 2015) – WeUsThem has recently been named as a Webby Honoree by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADGS), which is a first for an agency on Canada’s East Coast.

A Webby is an international recognition for excellence on the Internet presented annually by the IADGS, which has a judging body composed of over 1000 industry experts and innovators globally.

“It is a testament to the creativity of our team and our collective strength as one of the top agencies in Canada,” said Ashwin Kutty, President and CEO of WeUsThem. “We are small, but are delivering services that are being recognized globally and are of course thrilled with the outcomes of our creativity and hard work putting Nova Scotia on the digital world map.”

“Our teams, both creative and technical, came together with an artistic visualization of how we present Mental Health to the world,” said Faten Alshazly, Principal and Chief Creative Officer at WeUsThem. “Normalizing the language, using human centred design approaches and with some creative design based group think, we wanted to bring it to the mainstream, which I believe we did.”

The TeenMentalHealth.Org online property, designed and developed by WeUsThem, was placed in the top 20 percent of all websites internationally by the Webby Awards.

“WeUsThem transformed our evidence-based research into a website that is intuitive and meets the needs for Mental Health Literacy globally,” said Dr. Stan Kutcher, Sun Life Financial Chair of Adolescent Mental Health & Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre. “Since its launch, the website has gone from 75,000 unique visits annually, to over 350,000 and over 4.5 Million sessions; now that’s a testament to the type of work WeUsThem delivers.”

WeUsThem is also home to one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women, Faten Alshazly, a first for Arts & Communications in the east coast.


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