Kaplan International, one of the largest English language assessment entities globally, is embarking on the development of a revolutionary new assessment to be delivered over the web for individuals, corporate and academic entities. is a revolutionary cloud-based, English language assessment system. KITE is used by academic institutions and workplaces to assess the English language proficiency of incoming students and employees. From a marketing perspective, KITE, the new product of Kaplan International, would be made available to clients across Europe, Asia and the Middle East first while continuing introductions in South America, Africa and North America shortly thereafter.


From a Lead Generation perspective, along with the presentation of this brand new assessment interface, Kaplan tasked us with presenting a web property that spoke to the revolutionary new model of English Language assessments that has the capacity to eventually replace all institutional based tests requiring users to visit facilities located internationally. With a superior engine running the assessments, KITE would set the stage for assessments held either through the Cloud from Kaplan infrastructure or be made available for corporate and academic partners within their own internal systems.


Respecting a global B2B and B2C client base, represents the ethos of this new learning assessment tool that will change how the English language will be assessed in the global landscape.

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