imTEEN empowers youth to track and take care of their health on a daily basis. The first of its kind in Canada, imTEEN supports self-monitoring of signs and symptoms of mental illnesses (with physical illnesses to come to imTEEN shortly). imTEEN is a mobile application for the youth, available on the Apple iOS and Android platforms that is also connected to the Telus Electronic Health Record for direct and live updates flowing through to their doctor on medications, assessments and activities they undertake. It facilitates communication of their health status and longitudinal trends with a healthcare provider, family member and friend.

imTEEN revolutionizes the way we personalize and maintain mental health care by connecting the power of digital communication with individual realities. Built in conjunction with Telus Corp. and their Health initiative, imTEEN will be nationally and internationaly delivered across healthcare sectors to advance digital interoperability between the patient and healthcare provider, and propel healthcare in its ever-growing digital sphere.

A comprehensive solution that presents a new mechanism for care delivery imTEEN presents, for the first time, a mobile youth friendly application that they will engage and interact with while supporting the maintenance and communication of their individual health. A health management mechanism of this nature coupled with notification to care providers both prior to and at time of encounters provides for early intervention possibilities currently not available in digital or real time.

With the Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre & multiple pilot sites nationally, imTEEN will be the way we deliver care for adolescents in Canada. Currently in trials, imTEEN is available commercially as it revolutionizes how care providers interact with patients and vice versa.

Have a listen through Alicia’s story and see how this app will help her manage her own mental wellbeing while being supported by her healthcare provider.

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