The Family Pack is designed to support families through a couple of physical channels including Primary Care and through Occupational Health business units in various organizations.

The Family Pack, a 15 resource set, provides for a unique mechanism for youth and parents alike to receive all the information and support they need while ensuring they each understand the others unique perspective of the illness and life in general.

The Family Pack is currently making its way through Primary Care and already it has been adopted and included for us within the IWK Health Centre and The Royal Bank of Canada for all their employees.

Could My Parent Be/Have

A series of 6 books to support adolescents with information & resources should they have questions on their parents illnesses.

This series represented a diverse set of parents experiencing the various illnesses. Through direct and simple imagery, content and layout. The set is both an informative, yet a light read.

Teenmentalhealth Speaks..

A series of 6 magazines as a quick read on teen mental illnesses, along with associated supports & resources.

The need to produce light magazines with quick information on a variety of illnesses provided a unique opportunity to have a magazine layout and format for the series.

How Do I Teen/Parent...

Two resources that highlight opposite worlds from opposite perspectives.

Giving an illustrated view into each other’s worlds, this set uniquely positions each individual in their own frame with a perspective of the others frame of mind.

Could My Sibling Have...

A resource to support adolescents with information & resources should they have questions on their siblings’ mental illness.

Using a combination of illustrations and imagery, this resource is unique in how it identifies the sibling that needs the help from the one that is giving it. The use of visual context is unique in the combinatory play and is to be seen to be appreciated.

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