The Academy is a conference put on by TeenMentalHealth.Org but brings to bear experts in their field for the conference geared towards youth, parents, educators, healthcare providers and anyone seeking out more information on Adolescent Mental Health.

As there has never been an identity for The Academy, and the one for TeenMentalHealth.Org had just been created, we were tasked with creating a sub-brand that would align well with its parent.

The focus on each individuals’ knowledge and their contribution to the learning experience during the conference contributed to the notion of the sum of the parts making the whole as learning should be.

Virtual Home

Building a brand was step 1, followed closely by their virtual home, registration session and others to be discussed later. The Academy this year (2014) jumped from 91 registrations in the previous year to 250 in this year with a need to close off registrations early. Our impact of a multi-platform responsive virtual home, integrated social engagement, socially designed registration system and the marketing of the same through our Engagement 101 Platform netted an increase of over 64% in attendees.

The Program

How do you set the Program apart from every other conference in a similar  vein? Why is this important?

The brand needs to carry through every point of engagement with the user. Leaving lasting impacts generate return attendees to the conference while reinforcing the brand and its message.

Evaluation, The Results

A key criteria of the work done by TeenMentalHealth.Org is informed by evidence. Using our Engagement 101 platform delegates were asked of their opinion on how they felt of the conference and this was available over iPads as well as in print for those that preferred it.

Using both qualitative and quantitative measures, the Engagement 101 platform reveals responses in a variety of formats, not least of which is in aggregate form, as individual responses and in charts that can be analyzed across various software packages, not least of which is Excel, Numbers or SPSS.

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